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Toilet Vaastu

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Toilet Vaastu

According to bathroom vastu, bathroom should be located in North or North-West portion of the house. If bathroom is located in wrong direction, it can cause health and financial problems. Bathroom should not be in South, South-East and South-West direction. South sided bathroom can cause adverse effects on the health of female members. As per Toilet Vastu, toilet should be located in west or northwest direction. Avoid construction of toilet at the centre and in the east, northeast of the house. The toilet seat should be placed in such a way that the person sitting could face the North or the South. Now a day toilet combined with bathroom is becoming popular due to lack of space. Combined bathroom and toilet should be in north-west direction. It should not be adjacent to Pooja Room, kitchen and under the stairs.
Geyser and other electrical appliances like heater and switchboard should be installed in south-east corner of bathroom. Taps and showers are fixed in north direction. Placing bath tubs in east, west or north-east direction is good. Wash basin and shower can be either in north-east, north or east direction. The North is a good direction for vanity mirror.

Important Points in Toilet Vaastu

1. • Location for the Toilet :The right location for the construction of a toilet is in the west or north-west side of the bedroom. If the toilet is separately constructed from the bedroom, then north-west side works the best whereas if there is an attached toilet, then west direction suits well. Constructing the toilet in the south corner is also considered auspicious; strictly avoid east or north direction.

2. • Placement of Water Closet :The water closet is an important part of the toilet, and most prone to negativity. Vastu suggests aligning the water closet to the north-south axis. The best placements for the water closet are in the west, south or north-west direction of the toilet. Also, make sure the door of the toilet is always closed. Keep a check on the fitting of the pot, to avoid any health issues in future, make sure the pot is fixed in such a manner that no person faces east or north direction while sitting.

3. • Entrance for the Toilet :The best option to construct a toilet is away from the room, but if it is attached then it is best to keep some distance in between or a small dressing room to avoid direct link. The entrance of the toilet must be on the east or north wall, one or two feet higher than the ground level.

4. • The flooring of the Toilet :The flooring of the toilet is an important thing to consider. Vastu advises to use marble or tile flooring for the toilet and sloping towards east or north so that the water drains from these sides only. It is said that all the water drained contains toxins, negative energies and evil thoughts and draining them in the east or north direction is considered good for health. For taps, showers, bathing products and accessories, east, north or north-east direction is the best.

5. • Colour of the Toilet :It is often said, what you colour is what you think and become. Similarly, every room has its colour, its significance and vibrations. According to the rules of Vastu Shastra, the colours preferred for toilets and bathrooms are light colours like cream, white, light tones of blue and green, pink, etc. Using light colours bring positive energies, lighten up the minds and are also soothing for the eyes. Avoid dark colours like red, black and grey for the toilet as they easily attract negativity and make the area look dark and gloomy.

6. • Distance from the Wall : Vastu Shastra never agrees on touching the furniture directly with walls. It advises keeping a distance of three inches or more between the furniture and the wall.

Vastu Tips for Toilet

1. Avoid toilet in North-east and East.
2. The toilets should be located at a safe distance from the kitchen and the dining room.
3. The bigger window should be on the north and a smaller one in the west.

4. If there is almirah, it should always be on the Southwest Side of the toilet..
5. The slope of the bathroom floor should be towards north and east so water drains to the northeast side of the bathroom.
6. Avoid dark shades on toilet walls.