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Study room Vaastu

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Study room Vaastu

The right place is very important for study as it affects the concentration of students. Many times students complain that they are not able to concentrate on studies. The remedy to these problems has been formulated by our ancestors through ‘Vastu Shastra’.
Here are few vastu tips which can help students to achieve success in their studies. The study room should be located in the directions which are considered auspicious for studies such as East, North or north-east of the house. As per Vastu, these directions improve the power of concentration while studying. Make sure that there is no mirror reflection in their room. This may have effect of doubling their work load. Make sure that the student does not study under a beam otherwise he or she feels unnecessary pressure.
Study room vastu and vastu for study table states that exceling in studies is not entirely dependent on you but also depends on the energy that surrounds you and your home. This energy creates negative vibrations and impacts your focus and concentration on studies.


Important Points in Study room Vaastu

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Issue Face your child if Study room Vastu is not compliant

1. Lack of focus and concentration
2. Difficulty in retaining concepts
3. Difficulties in reading
4. Difficulty in sitting for studies
5. Confusion during the exam
6. Difficulty in understanding the subject
7. Study discontinuation
8. Weak Memory

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Best Direction for Studyroom

In general the best direction of the study room is NORTH EAST, but according to “Mr. Pathak”, it is not mandatory. The best direction of study room depends on the date of birth of each student. Vastu for study room or Vastu Shastra for Study room includes placement of the study table, table lamp, photo frames, bed, other objects in the study room and also direction of study table. Study table should be square or rectangular in shape. Study table should not have any sharp edges. This is because arrows of the energy will negatively impact anyone who is studying Study table should not be below the beam of the light


Vastu Tips for Study room

1. There should be open space in the study room as it helps proper flow of cosmic energy.
2. The walls of study room should be painted in light and soothing colors. This helps to create good mood for study.
3.Avoid using dark colors for the study room. It disturbs the study intent .

4.Use the posters such as dense forest, flowing water etc as it helps in generating new ideas.
5. Books and other objects must be placed in an orderly manner on the study table.
6.The student should not sit in the line of study room door. The massive flow of energy coming from the door may impact his concentration and focus.