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Karmic Debt Numbers

Karmic debt numbers 13

Effect –Very often people with the karmic debt number 13 feels laziness to overcome the obstacles and difficulties in their way to success and simply give up their goals. They do not concentrate on one specific task and focus on many projects. As a result most often they can not complete an assignment and their mind gets filled with negativity.
Remedy – Chant Gayatri Mantra in low sound in your home & office as a remedy and sustain a steady and constant effort to get success in life.

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Karmic debt numbers 14

Effect –Person with the karmic debt number 14 may face sudden unexpected problems. They are forced to adapt to ever changing circumstances and unexpected occurences. So those with the Karmic debt 14 experiences life to the fullest. Mental and emotional stability must be needed in order to avoid the external occurences of life.
Remedy – Karmic debt numbers 14 should respect little girls and treat them with pudi, sabji and Halwa.

Karmic debt numbers 16

Effect – People with the karmic debt number 16 are very much egoistic and often underestimate others. Those with the 16 use their highly intuitive intellect to look down upon others and the rest of the world are inferior to them
Remedy – People with this karmic number must be careful of egotism.If they want to develop their life, they have to kill their ego They also should donate black and white blanckets on Friday.

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Karmic debt numbers 19

Effect – People with the karmic debt number 19 are very much independent minded. They lack understanding of mutual learnings. They simply don’t want to listen to others and ignores the help and advice of others.
Remedy – Karmic debt numbers 19 should respect their Country’s President and Prime Minister.

Some Important issues with their Remedies

Numerology Tips 5

Delayed Marriage

Effect –In now-a-days delayed marriage increases day by day. If the number 7 and 6 are missing in anyone’s LPG Grid when the numbers 3,4,6,8 and 9 are present atleast 3 times or more than that,they will surely be the victim of late marriage or delayed marriage.
Remedy –People with the victim of delayed marriage should donate article related to such number like in case of Number 3 you have to fill yellow dal equivalent to the size of both hands or 400 gms and offer it in a temple or flow in running water.

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Dissatisfaction in Love

Effect –In now-a-days dissatisfaction in love and relation is a common problem which increases day by day. As a result break up in love relation is growing increasingly.
When it mostly takes place?
Break up for dissatisfaction in love and relation occurs in such cases:-
1. If the number 2 and 4 are present in the absence of the number 5.
2. If 7 is present in LPG Grid but 4 is absent.
3. If the Driver number is 2,3,4,8.And also number 6 is missing.

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No marriage

Effect – If anyone’s date of birth has the number one ,0 and 6 or more than twice and also the date of Birth does not have the number 1,4,5,7 they will be the victim of no marriage.
Remedy – The girls of no marriage should wear yellow pukraj in index finger.Those girls should keep fast on Monday to satisfy Lord Shiva.
The boys of no marriage should donate Shera to Lord Vishnu in Temple on Thursday and also should donate money to some poor Girl’s Marriage.

Numerology Tips 8

Most Ideal Match

The ideal match for love and relationship occurs when the Driver Number is the conductor number of your partner. It is considered as the best and suitable match for a healthy relationship.
Like a person having a birth date as follows
Driver no is 1+9=1
Conductor no is 4
If the girl’s Conductor is 4 then they will work out to make a prosperous and happy life.