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Corporate Vastu​

The commercial world of business and commerce has totally been dependent on Profits as the prime reason to survive, under very tough circumstances. Businessmen, especially first time entrepreneurs, find it very hard to find enough resources for their ideas and even if they succeed servicing the commercial and high rates of interest apart from breaking even in their startup, it is a die-hard proposition for them. Apprehension, frustration, and lack of confidence in themselves are some of the attributes, they become familiar with, on an everyday basis. A golden handshake or good luck awaits them through the application of Saral Vaastu Principles. With the help of vastu for corporates, a proper survey of their workplace or establishment (factories) etc., gives them surely and undoubtedly, the much-needed reassurance of success, through the application of Saral Vaastu principles.

Vaastu Harshit provides the best Vastu for Corporates to bring a remarkable positive change by taking care of critical elements in an office such as a position of Department, Directors, Seating position and directions of key members of the staff.

Without doing any structural changes or redevelopment in the present plan of their establishments, the businessmen can bring a remarkable change in the working atmosphere of the workplace or unit. They need to follow the favorable direction for important places in the premise. Seating of key staff members, Position of key departments such as Finance, HR, Customer Service have to be planned as per Vastu for Corporates principles. This takes care of the key positive energy points in the office to bring about a remarkable change, where waves of positivity culminate together to provide the most Vibrant, Vivacious, Cheerful and Enthusiastic working environment. A vibrant work environment increases the productivity of the human resources that in turn leads to the more effective production process and services, offered by the company to its customers or clients

Vastu Shastra for Corporate.

1. Shape of the plot, Building and offices
2. Main Entrance of the site
3. Door View
4. Location of the Master Cabin, CEO and a key staff
5. Place of Financial department
6. Staff placement & orientations
7. Location & arrangements of conference room
8. Direction of the Owner/Staff
9. Direction of the Marketing activities/Display
10. Colours for interior & exterior of the office
11. Direction of the AC, Electrical mains, Coolers etc
12. Direction of Pantry, Canteen
13. Placement of Toilets
14. Direction of windows
15. Location of Higher zone/lower zone
16. Location of Dry zone/Wet zone

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