Welcome to Astrology, as it is the study of the movement and relative positions of celestial objects as a means of divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events. The astrology services include Love life report, Marriage Prospects, Health Report, Business report, Career report, Rajyog, Astros talk, Ask 1 question, Ask 3 question, Annual report etc. Astrology is safe, it can be an entertainment. Whatever its past glories were, it appears now a five-and-dime glance of the cosmos. Astrology could very well be the oldest subject matter and also in ways the most overlooked. It’s the most historic because astrology has been in existence dating back to when we’ve been able to research the annals of mankind. Instead, they prefer to provide anecdotal facts –tales people tell about how precisely accurate they think astrology is. Astrology cannot work and forecast future occasions or personalities. The Eastern astrology is event focused, they will let you know what happened before and exactly what will happen in the foreseeable future with much grater precision. The most widespread program of horoscope astrology is to make use of it to investigate the birth graphs of individuals if you want to read personality, psychological traits, also to some extent future

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Marriage Matching

Astrology 2

This is a Vedic compatibility check. This helps us to find a right life partner. We use Vedic Asta Kuta method to analyze compatibility between boy and girl. This method uses birth star and birth sign. For basic compatibility, we need Rashi and Nakshatra of boy and girl. but for detailed analysis, we need birth details, i.e., date of birth, time of birth and place of birth details of boy and girl.

Lal Kitaab

Astrology 3

Lal Kitaab is famous for its easy to follow remedies, prayers and chanting of mantras. Some of them may look outdated in the modern times, but that is the way the ancient prescriptions were. In the Parashar school, stress is on japa, tapa, mantra, and yantra, etc.  The nine planets are ruled by the nine corresponding Gods : Sun is Vishnu, Moon is Shiva, Mars is Hanuman, Jupiter is Bhrahma , Venus is Lakshmi, Mercury is Durga, Rahu is Saraswati and Ketu is Ganesha.


Astrology 4

Going by the Vedic astrology get future career prediction, the determination of planet placed in the tenth house is necessary in order to know the most interesting field in Job for the person. There are many people who could be a better singer than holding meetings in corporate world. This mismatch worsens when people fail to perform at their workplace due to lack of interest and satisfaction. Rectify this error with your career report and lead a life of your choice.


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Find answers to your questions regarding your child’s education with AstroVed’s Student and Education Astrology service. We are a pioneer organization offering Vedic services and solutions to solve your problems and help you take informed decisions about your child’s education. We can help you and your child to unlock the true potential and overcome the challenges in achieving the education goals.

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Mr. Maalay Pathak

Advisor & Consultant of Vastu, Astrology & Numerology.
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Completed Astro Sciences (Rank 1), an Vastu Expert, learned Vastu from  Mahavastu Corporation & also a Geo Engineer