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Welcome To Vaastu Harshit

Vaastu Harshit is a Consultancy Service for Vaastu, Astrology & Numerology related problems. We do Vaastu related work( RESIDENTIAL FLATS ,INDEPENDENT HOUSE ,OFFICES ,INDUSTRIES, EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS , ,NURSING HOME PRIVATE HOSPITALS, MULTI -STORIED BUILDINGS .INDUSTRIAL UNITS OF DIFFERENT PURPOSES ) Very Methodically that offer Excellent Result.

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Our Services


We do Vaastu Calculations and provide simple remedies to our clients for their Happy and Healthy Future.


We do Astrology for our clients to provide them a good quality Solutions for their problems (Like Life, Business, Marriage, Education and more problems).


We Also Provide Exceptional Consultation On Numerology, Branding Of Products And Any Name For That Matter

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Residential Vastu

Vaastu Harshit solutions is an easy and practical solutions are deployed to make your house Vastu-perfect... (Read More)

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Corporate Vastu

Vaastu Harshit helps Corporates to stay relevant and overcome their challenges... (Read More)

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If you face Marriage, Education, Home related problems then don't worry, Vaastu Harshit is the solution for you... (Read More)

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Numerology is all about getting to the root number. With the help f Vaastu Harshit & Numerology you can easily get success in your life..... (Read More)

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Mr. Maalay Pathak

Advisor & Consultant of Vastu, Astrology & Numerology.
(Founder of Vaastu Harshit)
: Study Life :
Completed Astro Sciences (Rank 1), a Vastu Expert, learned Vastu from  Mahavastu Corporation & also a Geo Engineer

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