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Vaastu for Business

Vaastu for Business 2

Vaastu for Business

Every businessman would like to improve his business. No need to be pessimist. Vastu would certainly is there to render help.They may wonder why there should be a pit in the North-East. It indicates prosperity in abundance. It helps to solve many a problem. If the North is of low level, it brings profit; business increases. If the south is of height, it brings lots of money; if the North-East is high, it shunts prosperity. Such vastu tips will help us enormously.
Olden days our elders are doing business with peace and simple profits. On the same way they are doing service, realistic service. But now a days business gone into a drastic separate way, that we cannot expect. Every body needs crores of rupees, easy money, cut through competition, less profits ratio, labour problem, duplicate mall in the market, heavy shop rents, shopping complexes competition etc, shopping malls attraction is more attracting the public, rowdy dhandhas, forcible donations to the rowdies, government officials red tapism, advances to the shops, power cuts etc and many more problems we are now facing in the market.
Escaping all these drastic situations we have to earn money by doing business, children education cost is high pitch, what we have to do for good business, more profits, how to attract the public, how to save money, every thing is solvable by doing some simple vastu alterations. Now we will see how to develop the business? How to sell the goods? How to attract the public? How to increase Standardness in our business? Sitting place is the most important for good business. Shop owner should sit in Southwest portion facing towards east side, this is very good, and facing towards north is also good, but it is secondary place only. This above sitting position is good if the shop road is towards south side.
In northeast corner, we can go for water feature or dig one bore well. If the northeast corner is down or have less weight, then the inmates will get more business, standard public entrance to the business premises, experienced satisfied days etc. If the south floor is high level, it means north is down, this is also a good cause for getting good business

Vastu Shastra for Business.

1. Shape of the plot, Building and offices
2. Main Entrance of the site
3. Door View
4. Location of the Master Cabin, CEO and a key staff
5. Place of Financial department
6. Staff placement & orientations
7. Location & arrangements of conference room
8. Direction of the Owner/Staff
9. Direction of the Marketing activities/Display
10. Colours for interior & exterior of the office
11. Direction of the AC, Electrical mains, Coolers etc
12. Direction of Pantry, Canteen
13. Placement of Toilets
14. Direction of windows
15. Location of Higher zone/lower zone
16. Location of Dry zone/Wet zone

Vaastu for Business 3

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