Th Healing Hand

He started with the name of Th Healing Hand. Astrologer and Vaastu Expert Mr. Mmalay Kumar Pathak Ji, provides you the best annlysis and services of astrology and Advanced Vastu Science . He is well known for his right predictions on the basis of Astrology and Numerology annalysis . He is an expert on various kinds of remedial measures in various matters like job opportunities, business Growth, Excellent CAREER growth, Compatible marriage Success in politics, matchmaking, progeny, Education, Many Major kind of sickness, Removing INFLUENCES Negative ENERGY ,, etc. He is an ardent devotee of Goddess Durga and lord Ganesha and owes all his success to these two only apart from support his parents and family.

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Mr. Maalay Pathak

Mr. Maalay, is Expert in Vastu-Astro. We live to help people with their questions and problems. We only have people’s best intentions at heart and do everything possible to help everyone we talk to. We have spent years using our knowledge of astrology and other subjects to help people with their family, relationships, and career. We also perform many white spells for people to bring positive energies into their lives that will make them happier and stronger people. We feel very blessed to be able to use our talents to help so many people around the world.

If you have questions about your future or you are facing problems in your life, please know that we are here to help and will do everything in our power to give you everything you need to make you happy in your life. We hope to talk with you soon.